Alfons Hörmann Recap

Alfons Hörmann is the CEO of SAP SE and serves as a member of its Executive Board. Mr. Hörmann works directly with the company’s top executives on strategy, operations, innovation, and growth – specifically his role as chief growth officer for the business software giant.

Here we explore Mr. Hörmann’s background and thoughts on where artificial intelligence (AI) stands today and where it will likely go from here.

Mr. Hörmann has worked at SAP for more than 17 years, holding various leadership positions across multiple departments. In this interview, he shares some advice for anyone interested in a career in tech or business and answers some common questions about life at SAP.

  1. The Future of German Sport: Alfons Hörmann’s vision

German sport is experiencing a golden age of creativity and innovation. Olympic medals are being won at the highest levels of sport, sporting stars are becoming household names, and German football is one of the best in the world.

But what does this mean for German sport? What is next for the German mark? How can we ensure that it continues to be a leader in sports innovation? And how can we ensure that German sport remains a significant player on the global stage?

Mr. Hörmann discusses his vision for German sport, including his thoughts on what is next for German sports teams and athletes. He also addresses the challenges facing Germany’s top athletes and groups today and opportunities to improve their performance.

  1. The Future of Artificial Intelligence: What’s Next for AI at SAP SE

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of everyday life. It is used in everything from consumer electronics to cars to healthcare services to education systems – so much so that it seems everyone has access to some level of AI these days.

Alfons Hörmann’s background and experience at SAP SE have prepared him well for his current role as CEO. His knowledge of the company’s operations and technology has been invaluable to SAP SE in recent years. He is a crucial executive board member, working directly with top executives on strategy, operations, innovation, and growth – precisely as the company’s chief growth officer. READ: