Dr. Venus Nicolino and the Counseling Industry

Dr Venus Nicolino is a professional counselor and author who works with people who are going through some mental breakdown. With her expertise, Dr. V can help you find your way out of a depression and back to the positive light in which life shines.


If you’re looking to get back on track or are worried that you might be close to a breakdown, Dr Venus Nicolino can land on you like a life preserver. She’s been there, knows what to do, and can help you get back on your feet. Professional counselor Dr Venus Nicolino had a hard knock life in West Philly in a 600- square-foot domestic house full of seven humans and a German Shepherd. 


Dr. Venus Nicolino´s mum didn’t attend high school and her dad was a chevy mechanic. Dr V has been in the counseling industry for over ten years and has gained experience counseling various mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, and others. She can help you find out if you have a mental disease or not.


Dr V has made her mark as an author with a book titled a #1 best-promoting book, Bad Advice: How to Survive and Thrive in an Age of Bullsh*t, nationally touted as certainly considered one among the “5 books with a purpose to alternate your lifestyles” (Crunchbase). 


She’s helped shake up the current self-assist global via ways of growing a brand new self-assist genre: Nobody’s an Expert. She’s smashing theories built with the aid of using alleged experts and lifestyles specialists at some point in time, deconstructing terrible recommendations early on. IN THE BOOK, professional counselor Dr Venus Nicolino teaches the reader how to get over love bugs like heartbreak and low self-esteem.