Mr. Mahmoud Khattab and Other CEOs',  Gartner CEO Survey of 2021.

Mahmoud Khattab is the President of the establishment, Precision Md, founded in California. He was a scholar at the University of Damascus, graduating in 1983. Mr. Mahmoud Khattab is an active humanitarian, and he has shown his benefactress primarily to the Syrian immigrants into the US. His acts have enabled him to represent the Syrian American Council as their Chairman. Mahmoud’s current firm, Precision Md, where he is the CEO, offers various cosmetic surgeries, including chemical peels, contouring, fillers, and others.

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In 2021, there was a CEOs Survey to determine various factors such as digital investment. In the previous year, CEOs such as Mahmoud Khattab had focused their energy on responding to COVID-19. In 2021, different measures that would suppress the effects of the pandemic on the economy were put in place. Most CEOs anticipated that the economy would recover quickly if the Corona vaccine were issued to the public.

This survey had 465 respondents from over 30 nationalities. These business leaders wanted to examine the top priorities in their minds. This survey had to be brought off in three shifts due to the presence of many CEOs.

The first shift had sixty percent of its members advocating for firms’ recovery, thirty percent expected to rebound by the end year 2022, and the remaining ten percent expected the economy to recover after a long time. A few CEOs anticipated new opportunities to arise, while more than fifty percent considered growth one of the top priorities in any business setting.

The second shift had twenty-four percent of CEOs naming the workforce a top-three business priority. The CEOs’ attention was, however, withdrawn from cost management, with 11% only prioritizing it. The last shift considered multiplying the investment. Areas that had habitually gained the garnered support, such as product enhancements, information technology, and people & civilizations, were supported by less CEOs.