All About Private Equity Investor, Mark Hauser

EyeCare Partners is an ophthalmology clinic that specializes in eye health care. It has been leading globally for its effective services. Recently they collaborated with Cincinnati investors, which Mark Hauser leads to take a premier network of its performance on ophthalmology. Its collaboration has brought together a large number of staffs members. This includes 700 practitioners working together with over 5000 staff members and over 280 ophthalmology. It gets support from over 1200 members across 18 states. Much transformation has been made from the investment in ophthalmology, and the network power has increased globally, bringing strength to the business.

Mark Hauser private equity later became a co-investor and a strategic planner in 2018 in Revelstoke Capital firm. He participated in Cincinnati Eye Institute, became partners, and formed CEI Vision together with Revelstoke. The merger of the two companies gave birth to an organization that managed services that supported the company and enhanced its progress. This paves the way for other practitioners to join hands, bringing dynamic growth to the business.

A Swiss Private Equity firm founded EyeCare, and it provides its services globally to patients, estimated to be around three million patients per year. This has been managed and made possible by Mark Hauser through partnership by other ophthalmology. The high numbers of doctors have created a strong network that is accessed globally, bringing transformation to the world.

Hauser Private Equity is a director and a private investor designed to capitalize in markets that involve a partnership with another partner of equity development and unique situation of money. Hauser Private Equity uses the resources and the experts’ staff to enhance growth and company profits. The company was founded and owned by Mark Hauser and Paul Swanson. Hauser Private Equity offices are located in America, in Chicago, Los Angeles, and California.

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