Dr. Barry Lall: The Secrets of Happiness: Practicing Gratitude and Bringing Joy To Those Around You

Dr Barry Lall is the Co-Founder of The CEOs Club, the only forum of leading CEOs globally to encourage businesses to address critical societal issues. Dr. Bharat Lall has many examples to share of his experience in finding gratitude in his journey to success. Dr. Barry has written a book, Gratitude Works!, which highlights all the things he has learned on his journey to success, the biggest being the importance of gratitude.

Aging Well is an excellent guide for middle-aged and older people looking to do things differently as they age. Dr. Barry provides the reader with 50 ways to change their perspective on aging and live a well-rounded life, with plenty of real-life examples. “You have a greater purpose when you are grateful,” says Barry Lall. “When you focus on the negative, you have problems.”

Dr Barry Lall I am a successful hotelier with a diverse background spanning the hotel industry, the retail sector, and real estate development. I ventured into the hospitality sector as a motor house waiter, earning $2.50 an hour. While I was 16 years old, I quit high school and worked for one of my older brothers, who was running a motel business in the northeast of England. Then, I operated in the business, eventually buying my hotels and later becoming the CEO and President of my own company, Pinnacle Hotels USA, with properties across the United States.

Barry: I have been able to turn my humble beginnings into success as a business leader, creating over 150 million dollars in annual revenue and generating over 50 million dollars in profits.

Dr Barry Lall helps new entrepreneurs make the most of the hospitality industry, and he shares his thoughts and expertise in his series of books, The Founder’s Apprentice. Dr. Barry graduated from Harvard College, as well as Loyola Marymount University. In addition to his studies in business and social sciences, he is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

Learn more about Dr Barry Lall: https://medium.com/@BharatLall