Andrew Frame Entrepreneurship Journey

Andrew Frame founded the Citizen app, consolidating the information on location alongside the 911 intelligence to keep everyone safe. He is a renowned entrepreneur and expert in software programming. At the age of fifteen, he developed his own company that provided internet services. In 2004, he established Ooma, an end user telecommunication firm. In his early career stages, he used to work with a network infrastructure. At 17, Andrew went to Cisco Systems as a support engineer. Later on, he was recruited by a global center of the expert team, which focuses on routing architecture.

How Did Citizen Idea Come About?

Andrew Frame had a mission of establishing his next company to get a global scale and upgrade the world in numerous ways. After considering what the world was missing, he realized the gap of committed products that utilized the technology to aid people’s safety. He decided to come up with the Citizen app.

His Typical Day and How He Ensures Productivity

Before the pandemic, the Citizen app had its headquarters in New York. However, they shifted to work in their homes while adhering to regular working hours. Andrew Frame wakes up very early in the morning, makes a cup of coffee, does exercises, and listens to the news podcast. Later on, he conducts the meeting with his team.

How Does He Bring Ideas to Life?

Andrew Frame ensures that he always surrounds himself with a brilliant team. He hires individuals who are more intelligent than him. They are always strategic on whatever they build and how it influences people.

His Recommendation as an Entrepreneur

His inspiration comes from studying poetry and literature. Having hobbies outside work is essential. He also believes in taking users’ feedback seriously. Refer to this article for related information.


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