Insights Into How Citizen App Works

The Citizen app promises to help you stay safer in your city by providing you with timely updates on any security events that might be going on around you. This company began its operations in 2016 under the brand name Vigilante but decided to rebrand to Citizen to appeal to a broader market. Since its launch, the app has amerced more than 7 million users and has grown exponentially since the pandemic.

During the third quarter of 2021, it added over 300,000 new users. Citizen App is now available in 22 cities in the US and is quickly expanding its services to cover the entire country before turning its focus to the international market. Here’s an insight into how the Citizen app works.

Monitoring police emergency communications

Anywhere in the US, if anything concerning happens, the first action for most people is to call the 911 emergency helpline and ask for police help. Thus, there is a lot of security information being exchanged between the public and 911 call centers at any moment. Citizen App has created 911 emergency communication listening stations in all 22 cities where its services are available.

The role of these stations is to monitor emergency communications and discern what will be helpful to its users who are in the vicinity of the security-related occurrence. Security updates are then pushed out through the Citizen app to the concerned users as fast as possible to make them aware of the situation around them.

Users’ live broadcasts

The app’s users also can share live broadcasts of what’s going on around them as long as they stick to the terms and conditions. Firstly, the users can live broadcast any extremely violent or insightful content. Moreover, they cannot promote hate speech of any kind through their live broadcasts. Citizen app users can access the live broadcast feature by pressing the “+” and the bottom of the app’s homepage. sGo here for additional information.


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