Mark Hauser of The Hauser Private Equity Named In The FFI List

The last week’s Inc.’s Founder-Friendly Investors list continues to shock many people. It comes as a shock to many people because for the first time, the list contained some of the notable names in the investment industry. Besides, for the first time, the list contains 9 members of one company, Hauser Private Equity. As if that is all, the list contains top managers from the Hauser Private Equity, including Mark Hauser, who has for many years preached about friendly investment.

Although the final list is set to recognize equity and capital investment firms, for the first time it went ahead to touch of individuals who have in one way or another contributed to the ‘friendly investment in those fields. What stands out about the list is that the organizers have managed to come up with a list of firms young investors can trust. As they work towards finalizing the list, it is now possible that any entrepreneur with intent of working or investing in some business can rely on the firms in the list for financial support. Of course, it is natural that Mark Hauser Private Equity is among the companies mentioned in the list. The other thing that stands out on the list is that all the companies listed have had a successful track record. Yes, all the companies mentioned in the Inc. list, including Mark Hauser’s Hauser Private Equity have for a long time remained active in some form of business after launching their own business.

In order to get the best results, Inc. did not waste time to search for information where it could not get the facts. Instead, the company contacted different entrepreneurs that have had businesses with these equity firms. Through that ingenuous way, they were able to pick Mark Hauser, eight of his managers, Hauser Private Equity and dozens of other private equity firms.

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