ZeroAvia Opens Their New Product Innovations Catalog

ZeroAvia is a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality, most innovative products for an ever-changing world. They are now launching their newest product innovations catalog! This new catalog includes everything from the latest electric scooters to high-tech luggage. ZeroAvia products are designed, developed and manufactured in-house. ZeroAvia’s new catalog features a wide range of innovative items including:


Electric Scooters: ZeroAvia has developed high-performance electric scooter models that you can ride either standing or sitting. ZeroAvia company’s standard with 

speed modes, headlights and brake lights, as well as a handy basket and other storage compartments. 


Electric & Gas Scooters: The aviation company has included models with both electric and gas engine options. These scooters can be enjoyed by those who do not want to use the electric-only option, as well as those who aren’t able to charge their batteries on long trips or don’t have access to a charging station.




Powerboards: ZeroAvia aviation company has successfully designed two powerboard models, one with an electric-only engine and another with both gas and electric engine options. These boards are perfect for those who wish to take their board on vacation or go camping! They come equipped with headlights, brake lights, speed modes, storage compartments and folding handles that make them easy to carry or stow (Crunchbase).


Hoverboards: ZeroAvia has introduced three models of hoverboards, all featuring a state-of-the-art design with LED lights and a matching carrying case for easy travel. These boards are advertised as the safest on the market, making them a perfect gift for your teen.


Luggage: ZeroAvia aviation company has designed a unique luggage set that is lightweight, compact and aesthetically-pleasing. These carry-on bags are available in three sizes, all of which include various compartments for easy organization.


Electric Bicycles: ZeroAvia offers some of the most high-performance electric bicycles on the market. These bicycles come in a variety of designs and colors, all of which include large storage compartments for extra items such as groceries or books. They also feature headlights and brake lights for an added level of safety and visibility at night or in low-light conditions.