Why You Need the World’s Leading Solar Provider: PosiGen

Renewable energy systems can significantly increase your family’s energy independence and help you save money. PosiGen is developing a total of five residential solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions and power electronics. A Renewable Energy System can greatly reduce your utility bill and also increase the overall and incentives these events implementing more distribution programs are available is increasing renewable energy.


The innovative technology solutions are composed of an array of modules that provide power and control in one cohesive package. PosiGen’s Community Solar Power Program helps homeowners and businesses sign up for solar power with the solar power company. The program guarantees a certain amount of energy from the PosiGen Community Solar Project each month. PosiGen currently offers these solutions in Oregon, California, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Tennessee, and Indiana. Problems:


  • Only energy efficient components
  • Lack of control of energy used
  • Cost of installation can be very expensive
  • Lack of local installers available


They are proud that since launching the RENEW Program, hundreds of households have received $200 each, equating to approximately $120,000 in total energy savings. This incredible number is made possible at PosiGen by the collective passion and support of their investors, clients, and community partners.

While they are still early in their growth, PosiGen solar power company is currently very proud to have built a team of experienced professionals who are focused on making a difference. Their team has traveled the world, bringing their combined experience in financial services, energy, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship to make the solar power company a leading program in the affordable energy space. PosiGen’s renewable energy programs entrepreneurs and financial solutions for homeowners can help them save money a triple on utility bills and provide them with the freedom to make environmentally-friendly choices for investors for their energy win.