Gordonstoun the History Makers of The Duke Of Edinburgh Award

Dr. Hahn’s life is a true definition of commitment to good character and integrity.

He is of Jewish origin, born in Berlin.

He attended the German Universities of Heidelberg and Gottingen, where he developed his skilled instructive philosophies.

He also attended the University of Oxford, where he gained more knowledge, and his general mindset was transformed by the great passion of Platos Republic.

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After world war I, Dr. Hahn ventured into senior educational administration.

He led a debate against the rise of the Nazi party shortly after world war I, and this endangered his safety, and he had to run away from Germany.

Dr. Hahn Fled to Moray Scotland, and while here, he established a new school.

He has soo much interest in sharing knowledge and shaping young minds.

In 1934, he established the British School of Gordonstoun through sponsorship and financial donations from rich local families.

Gordonstoun school’s name originates from the 13th-century estate upon which it was constructed.

Dr. Hahn’s attention was to build on the student’s character growth and come up with a broad academic curriculum.

Over the years, the school has kept a good reputation for its quality education and variety of activities outdoors.

When Gordonstouns was first established, Prince Philip was among the first ten students to report.

Prince Phillip earned a Moray Badge, which was designed to appreciate self-improvement success while in the independent boarding school.

Students who managed to complete a series of projects and other celebrated achievements were awarded the Moray Badge.

To continue appreciating the student at large, Dr. Hahn and Prince Philip designed a national award program referred to as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Gordonstoun being a top-ranking institution, Dr. Hahn is the Megamind behind Edinburgh’s Award.

The award original story began at Gorndonstoun, although over the years it has touched the lives of young people in over one hundred countries.

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