Min-Liang Tan’s Breakthrough Journey In The Gaming Industry

Min-Liang Tan is currently leading the gaming industry for his gaming brands, which entails various services that suit game lovers’ needs. A professional lawyer decided to quit his job and co-founded Razer with his business partner Robert Krakoff back in 2005. At the initial stages of the business, it was an uphill battle for the Razer CEO Liang and his partner trying to sell their business in a competitive industry.

At first, Mr. Liang’s gaming aspirations were not that great until they decided to make a better mouse that would help them remain relevant in the industry and attract many gamers. The motive behind the new mouse was to create a competitive platform with his counterparts in the game business, who were already offering gaming software and hardware platforms and payment wallets.

The Boomslang Mouse was made first by Mr. Liang. The newly designed mouse was of good quality, condition, accurate, and it improved the speed. The mouse was a game-changer to him because it sparked the competitive spirit of the gamers, a motive that has been driving him for the last 15 years in this industry.

Tan’s ambition to explore and looking for solutions has enabled him to build the entire ecosystem. Currently, Razer is looking forward to getting a Razer banking License, and they are producing face masks to fight Coronavirus. Additionally, they have come up with a new brand slogan, ‘by gamers, for gamers.

One secret behind Razer’s success is the ability to focus on the future. Despite the criticism they faced in the past, the Razer CEO and his business partner kept pushing harder, which helped them move the business to the next level. The Razer CEO’s efforts in the industry were recognized and earned him Singapore’s Youngest Self-made Billionaire title when the company went public in 2017.

Min-Liang Tan was born and grew up in Singapore. For his Degree in Law, he attended the National University of Singapore. Later, Mr. Liang diverted his passion to the gaming industry, and he recently became a board member of PC Gaming Alliance. Visit this page for more information.


For more information, visit him on https://www.razer.com/sg-en/about-razer