DSI Releases an Additional Cloud Inventory Platform Version

Cloud Inventory is a complete inventory management solution that supports the entire supply chain, from the shop floor, through the corporate and multiple levels of the organization. Each product in inventory carries associated product identification (PID), product locator, manufacturing information, selling prices, and/or invoicing information. With Cloud Inventory, retailers and manufacturers have complete visibility of products and raw materials in their inventory – anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Cloud Inventory by Data Systems International offers the only solution to manage inventory across the entire product lifecycle. With Cloud Inventory, manufacturers, distributors and retailers can effectively manage inventory on a continuous basis from start to finish. What’s more, with the ability to scan, store, and manage all shipments within a single cloud-based environment, each item can be tracked from start to finish across the entire product lifecycle.

With Cloud Inventory by DSI, manufacturers and distributors can quickly and cost-effectively improve operating efficiencies, reduce inventory costs, and improve business performance. Benefits of Cloud Inventory for Manufacturers and Distributors Increase Top Line Revenue Increased revenue comes from reducing costs.

DSI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of inventory control systems for warehousing, freight shipping, value-added inventory control, robotic barcode scanning and retail. Its mission is to transform the way people think about merchandise management, increasing effectiveness and enhancing profitability for manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Inventory automation reduces labor and manufacturing costs, and can increase revenue by up to 20%. Cloud Inventory can increase visibility into inventories, while providing improved safety and compliance. Cloud Inventory automates complex tasks, and reduces delays and errors in workflow and inventory.

DSI Global has earned the industry’s top ratings for its product quality and support, and boasts the highest industry-recognized customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. Its product range spans inventory control, shipping, sales and customer relationship management systems, and most recently, cloud inventory systems.

With over 35 years of experience serving Fortune 500 customers, Data Systems International (DSI) is known for its innovative inventory management solutions, which utilize state-of-the-art technology, rigorous product training, and professional, trusted customer service. Visit this page for related information.


Additional information about DSI Global can be found on https://www.dsiglobal.com/company/careers/