Direct Selling Company, QNET Reflects Love For Mankind

As a reputable game-changer in the direct selling sector, QNET has put itself forward to create a positive arena for entrepreneurship and enhance lifestyles. By availing essential living products and providing entrepreneurial opportunities, they have been able to win over their customers day by day. They have a professional team that ensures that their network marketing communities globally are active and sustainable.

Led by their mission, RYTHM, it has dedicated itself solely to providing service to its customers. The mission states that they continuously raise themselves to uplift or help humanity. QNET remains glued together by its core values: care, service, and integrity as a team. Through its commitment, it has been a critical influencer in the industry while developing professionalism and sustainability.

At the heart of its DNA, being ethical, professional, and having a touch with each customer is the reason for its success. The company is also drawn to have corporate social responsibility as part of its mission. With close partnerships with the RYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundations, the company engages in philanthropic works. The foundations have initiatives based primarily on developing countries to assist children and the community in dire need.

QNET set up a school for children with special needs known as Taarana, which stands for awakening. The school is situated in Sanskrit, Malaysia. It offers distinct programs, educational materials, and services for children aged three to fifteen who suffer developmental delays. With the initiative, the kids can get new hope for life.

As part of the children’s initiatives, it also made a friendship contract with Rashid Paediatric Therapy Center based in Dubai. The Center hosts youth development and cultural exchange programs for disabled youths. The company, through RYTHM, holds the Akshaya Trust for the older generations, which has served over 400 people every day with full board meals in India. All these initiatives are for its love for society, yet QNET is just a direct selling company. Follow this page on Twitter, to learn more.


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