Founder Miki Agrawal Uses Humor to Brand Sensitive Products

As the founder of the TUSHY brand, Miki Agrawal is incredibly conscientious and forward thinking when it comes to marketing her brand and products. TUSHY is the maker of a bidet attachment piece that makes it possible to turn a standard toilet into a bidet. Needing to overcome a sensitive topic for most, Miki Agrawal decided that the best method for advertising was a straightforward, light, and humorous approach. Through the creation and use of both informational and humorous videos and ads, TUSHY has been able to reach more consumers that never before considered the product.

Bidets are not a mainstream product in the United States, so much of the barrier in selling the product has been educational. Through educational and straightforward video ads, TUSHY has been able to teach people about what bidets are, how to use them, and about the environmental benefits of switching. To do this Miki Agrawal has leaned on the power of influencers to reach as many new consumers as possible. Social media influencers already have the attention of a built-in audience, so being able to work one on one with them to educate new users is incredibly beneficial to the brand.

While Argawal has a method and preferred way of marketing the brand for now, one lesson she has learned is that marketing methods and platforms are always changing. This change should not be seen as hurdles to overcome, but rather as ways for the brand to grow and reach out to an even broader customer base.

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