How Larry Baer SF Giants CEO Has Demonstrated Emotional Intelligence while in Leadership of the Organization

Having the ability to manage personal emotions when everything is going wrong is one of the qualities that leaders should be demonstrating. This is a strategy that helps in preventing everything from going out of control while at the same time working for a tangible solution that can rectify the problem. This is something that has lacked in some of the leaders who have already taken control of some of the leading organizations in the world.

However, Larry Baer has demonstrated emotional intelligence since he was appointed as the Giants CEO. Working in such an organization is not easy. There is every chance that the ambitions will get the better part of an individual, and they might make some decisions without involving their rationality. However, Larry has never demonstrated anything that shows he has not been paying attention to emotional intelligence while working at the organization.

Over the years, as the Giants CEO, Larry Baer has been checking his emotions so that he can make the decisions that will help the organization to go forward. He is a business leader who wants the best for his organization. There is no doubt that there have been very many frustrations that have been facing him. However, those around him have never seen his emotions getting out of control, as he is always calm and considerate about what is happening.

The SF Giants CEO has been at the helm of leadership at the SF Giants when the organization has not been recording positive results. Very many individuals who have been leading the organization and that outside have been struggling to contain their emotions.

San Francisco Giants fans have been showing their emotions in recent times, where most of them have been complaining about the company. However, Larry has managed to make sure that everyone remains calm and is geared towards helping the company to move away from the current challenges.See this article for more information.


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