The Life and Career of Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal has always done things in a unique way but is that what has driven her to be the big success she is now? Well, she is not sure whether this has had an impact or not. She was born in Ontario & raised in one of its suburbs. From there, she aced all of her tests & sought to make it to the top of her class. She came close & this is how she was able to have her pick of any college she desired.


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It was a tough choice as she had a lot of the ivies breathing down her neck but in the end, she opted to go to Marianopolis, a private college in the suburbs of Quebec. Miki Agrawal started out there in the late 90’s but did not feel at home there.

This is why she later transferred to Cornell when it was time to start her sophomore year. From there, she proved to have much better luck both in & out of the classroom. As she got her grades up, it was soon time for her to get her BA. So she made a plan & walked that stage in the spring of 01. As Miki Agrawal prepared to go out into the real world, she had to decide what she would do first. So he decided to help women as much as she could.

She was able to do this by starting Thinx, a business that helps females get the feminine hygiene products they need at affordable prices. She knew it would be a good endeavor as it went on to succeed for many years & helped a lot of people all over the world. She is now living in the biggest city in NY & hopes to keep doing well

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