Alejandro Betancourt Investment Into Hawkers

Hawkers are the top sunglasses manufacturer in Spain. Like most businesses, it was not all smooth for the company. It started as a second-hand online shop selling various items. The business failed, forcing them to shut down. However, things changed for them after one of the founders went to the United States and bought sunglasses from a brand named Knockaround.

The other founders liked the sunglasses and decided to sell them on their online platform. They started with 27 sunglasses, and they sold out. After a year of selling, the company found this venture profitable and saw a need to provide people with good quality and affordable sunglasses. They were able to produce their sunglasses, which became a turning point for their online business.

Starting, they were lucky to find investors to boost them financially. One of the critical investors was Alejandro Betancourt, who has played a substantial role in growing the company.

Alejandro Betancourt was one of the first investors to the company since 2014 when it first started this sunglasses business. He injected about 56 million dollars which helped the company boost its operations. He was later allowed to head all administrative tasks redesigning the company’s daily work and changing the leaders. Alejandro Betancourt has grown Hawkers into a great sunglasses brand through his leadership, working with great artists, and reaching more people.

The company’s net worth is approximately 70 million dollars selling more than 10,000 glasses a day. Alejandro Betancourt later became the major shareholder in the company after increasing his investment. He later assumed the Hawkers’ President Seat after he became the major shareholder.

He has become one of the Hawkers’ most significant assets, ensuring they stay top in business and ensuring operations continue smoothly in the company. Hawkers is today one of the leading sunglasses producers and distributors working through an online platform and providing quality and affordable products.