Tom Brady Will Only Sleep on THIS Mattress

What do professional athletes Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Nastia Liukin, Susan Francia, Ryan Hall, and Sara Hall all have in common? They sleep on a Molekule mattress. They chose Molekule because recovery is their top priority and the foundation for greatness. While not just anyone can be an olympic medalist or have a handful of Super Bowl rings, sleeping like a champion is within reach for everyone.

The Molekule mattress is designed to maximize airflow using special technology to achieve optimal core body temperature for maximum recovery. It has a cooling gel-infused memory foam as well as an advanced cover which regulates the microclimate between the mattress and the body. A temperature sensitive polymer adjusts evaporation and cooling in response to changing body temperatures throughout the night.

This mattress also provides excellent support for side and back sleepers who often find themselves with hip and neck issues when using inferior mattresses. As an added plus, there is nearly no motion transfer whatsoever, ensuring a good night’s sleep without disturbances for any couple.

It is an affordable choice and great value with prices starting at just $599 for a twin size and capping out at only $1,149 for a California King mattress! Molekule offers home delivery, arriving in a manageable box and easily decompressing.

The Molekule mattress is the choice of top athletes for a reason: it works! It provides great recovery, excellent support, unbeatable convenience, and an incredible value without the hassle of a typical mattress store.

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