How the Dechert White Collar firm Supports GIC Private Equity through Acquisition of Ascensus

Dechert has recently advised GIC Private Equity to collaborate to acquire Ascensus from its private equity owners. On the other hand, Aquiline Capital has struck a deal with Genstar Capital to reduce its stakeholders’ Ascensus. Members advising at Dechert law firm GIC Private Equity include Bernardo Piereck, corporate partners Mark Thierfelder, Ranjini Ramesh, and many more.


A Close Outlook about Dechert


Dechert white collar firm is a top-ranking white collar law firm that consists of 24 offices globally. Its main objective is to advise on matters of complexity transactions, energy developments, and creativity. They also solve legal management challenges to deliver commercials and even offer practical advice to their customers. Besides that, at Dechert people mainly seek guidance on finance, business, and corporate legal affairs. Their lawyers serve financial sponsors, multinational and national corporations, investment banking companies, and regulated investment business firms. 


Furthermore, they help massive investment banking companies with a wide range of corporate problems like financial crises, acquisitions, investment transactions. Please note that white collar law firms comprise more than 450 lawyers worldwide and mainly advise customers on international, cross-border, and domestic matters. The company’s attorneys can solve complex shifting legal backdrops and market dynamics to help customers struggling with transactions across vast geographical boundaries. At Dechert, they have a deeper understanding of different clients’ companies’ affairs, making their operations smoother in the long run. Dechert offers unusual tax solutions, which probably suits their clients’ challenges and objectives in complex business matters worldwide. Lastly, it has been shortlisted as the top law firm on tax matters in the United States.


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