Haroldo Jacobovicz: Brazil's Top Innovator

Among Brazil’s top-ranking civil engineers is the renowned Haroldo Jacobovicz. He craves and adores innovation and creativity hence developing an interest in technology. His parents are the reason behind his determination to be a civil engineer. During his tender age, Haroldo’s mother was a renowned female engineer, one of the few. He decided to take after his parents and enrolled at the Federal University to pursue civil engineering and be like his father and mother. Haroldo’s passion and primary focus as a civil engineer have been on transforming and making improvements in information and technology.

Since deciding to venture into civil engineering, Haroldo Jacobovicz has enabled many firms, startups, and developed firms to rise to top levels. Among them is the e-Governe group. He got motivated by his parents, who were great innovators, to build lasting structures. He decided to put in more effort believing that he can perform better and be a top-notch engineer than his parents. He also became so optimistic about building unique and amazing infrastructures.

Besides being passionate about innovation, Haroldo Jacobovicz also had an interest in reading and research. Often, he would be found reading and doing research that enabled him to grow to a top-level innovator. He established his first firm in the 1980s while at school. The firm lasted for a year.

Haroldo Jacobovicz is recognized for establishing Horizon Telecoms firm in 2010 that focuses on telecommunication services in Brazil. The firm is renowned for its 100% fiber network. Also, anytime you mention Horizons, it is associated with network stability and high-quality connectivity.

Jacobovicz acknowledges the significance of learning information technology and also pieces of advice on the need to be great readers and researchers integral in becoming an innovator. He is a mentor to many, both the young and the old. He explains the importance of working with diligence to be successful.

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