John Ritenour: IOA Offers Several Insurance Options

Most insurance choices for the typical homeowner are likely to include homeowner’s insurance, liability insurance, and liability and property insurance. IOA also offers insurance for commercial buildings, medical equipment, automobiles, boats, and aircraft, according to John Ritenour. IOA is an ideal partner for businesses looking for insurance options to cover short-term accidents, litigation, workplace hazards, accident leave, equipment and/or property damage, and workers’ compensation.

Ritenour describes this partnership as a way for IOA to offer a larger footprint than traditional insurance providers. They have the benefit of being able to provide additional services,John Ritenour says. With life insurance, IOA delivers a comprehensive selection of life insurance products through in-house underwriting, underwriting, and reinsurance, which means IOA can tailor insurance policies that make sense for their customers.

One of the most popular products at IOA is the Nationwide Transitional Protection Plan (NTP), which is available through a brokerage product that carries a commission. In this plan, one life insurance policy is combined with another policy at a 35 percent discount. This allows clients to build an entire protection package through two different life insurance policies and lowers the cost of buying additional insurance.

Based in Reston, Va., the company offers a range of individual, family, and group insurance options. Among them, workers’ compensation, insurance companies’ compensation fun, and insurance for businesses provide injury and illness benefits for their employees, while personal automobile insurance covers drivers and passengers.

John Ritenour said that the focus of PIC is on protecting individuals, not on providing a profit. The average PIC premium in 2015 was $278, and the average dollar loss per accident was $2,400. Personal property liability insurance protects individuals who are the victims of accidents and damage. The average PIC premium in 2015 was $149, and the average dollar loss per accident was $1,600.